Buyer’s Club

Prequalified Attendance

We invite only cherry-picked leaders in charge of the most lucrative current and future projects, prequalifying at them on the following criteria:
• Decision Making & Signatory Authority
• Actively Procuring Solutions
• Number of Current & Upcoming Project
• Minimum Allocated Budgets
• Clear Procurement Strategy

Leaders in Hospitality Buyers’ Club is unique, commercially driven platform created to introduce international and regional suppliers to pre-qualified buyers and strategic partners to unlock sales opportunities, expand business network and increase market share.

Understanding the niche requirements of both side, series of one to one prescheduled business meetings are carefully planned to help companies to meet new clients and increase their ROI.


7 days before the event you will receive a complete list of participating buyers including
• Company Name
• Contact Information
• Product & Services of Interest
• Key Projects


Introduce yourself to the buyers your target and meet those with expressed interest in your solutions
• Get to Know Who You Meet in Advance
• Prepare & Tailor Your Sales Pitch & Presentation
• Meet Buyers that are on the Look Out for Your Solutions
• Shake Hands with Business Leaders
• Increase Your Sales Potential

Reach Your Right Target

Shorten Sales Cycle

Gain Market Share

Facilitate Business

Grow in New Market

Increase Client Base