What people say

“What makes a great event? In my world, it is bringing the right people together. This is something you
really achieve with excellence here. There is a great mix of buyers and interesting meetings. We have
enough time to network and there is a really good atmosphere. We thank you for this and I am sure
Kraftcom will be back next year”


Managing Director

“We had a lot of great meetings with very senior executives that are right for our business. We did not
meet this kind of people anywhere else. This was an excellent day for us!”


Sales manager

“I met key interesting people. I learnt a lot about what the hospitality industry region is all about. I learnt
about potential as well as challenges. The summit gives a very good feeling about the future of
hospitality in this area.”

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

President EMEA

“The experience at this event is really positive. We can meet a lot of partners in all the chains where the
projects are born and responsible for the money and design. We meet all the actors involved, it is really a
pleasure to be a part of this summit.”


Business Development Director

“While there are many events in the region, Leaders in Hospitality gives us the right answer and allows
us to meet key players in the hospitality sector in this region.”


Business Development Manager

“It is a great place to learn the insights on the region and meet potential partners for the projects!”

B&B Hotels